The Italian Wolf is a unique look at America's most enigmatic 20th-century conflict, the Korean War, seen through the eyes of an Italian-American draftee Remo, previously indoctrinated into Mussolini's Fascist Italy. His extraordinary childhood takes him from fanatic Fascist youth to impassioned resistance fighter struggling to free Italy from Nazi occupation. He subsequently claims his maternally derived US citizenship and is drafted to Korea.

We travel with Remo as a sniper in the famed 5th RTC unit in Korea. Post-ceasefire, he is recruited as a CIC undercover agent and infiltrates a military drug cartel blinding soldiers with tainted liquor. His story takes us from frozen foxholes on barren Korean hilltops to exotic and intoxicating postwar Tokyo, where he falls in love with the radiant Momoko.

As Remo’s Asian adventure unfolds, we are witness to his unique understanding of war and its aftermath. Through the prism of his WWII youth & Korean service, we perceive the true cost of war on civilians and see altruism coming from quite unexpected sources.